TEATEM NGO is dedicated to improving the lives of Tanzanians through both formal and informal education. Our office is located in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. We are allowed to offer programs anywhere in Tanzania mainland. We passed registration requirements in 2009 (reg #3048).

We are a hand shake service for companies looking to help the community with worthy projects and institutions in need of aid.

We offer special vocational programs for working adults. We also offer continuing education and seminars for public school teachers.

Other projects include agricultural education for small scale farms, sports training (tennis), life skills training for youth. We also are on the Board of Directors for Kibo College of Hotel Management.

We accept donations of laptop computers which are in good working order and monetary donations. Monetary donations may be made by bank wire transfer (we will send details).
Contact us at:
+255 6566 13453